Especially essential for  martial artists, tennis, football, basketball, golf & pre-lift – all of us!

Studies consistently show us that traditional static stretching techniques do little to increase flexibility or reduce injury when performed before a workout, they can also cause a limiting factor in performance (stunt power and strength). Doesn’t mean you should’nt static stretch, but dymanic and mobility based warm ups are best, and can significantly enhance performance and minimize injury risk.

The key is that you make your warm-up synomymus whith the demands of your sport, art or practice.

ASK YOURSELF – what am I warming up for?

And if there is any drive, power production (jumoing, running, kicking, punching, hitting, catching…) you shoudl wake up the lateral hip muscles, work hinging for hamstrings and back, use anti-rotataion and rotation and also wake up those lateral hip muscles, the chest, neck and spine.

TRY the warm-ups here and watch as you feel more ‘dialed in’ in your training!

1-2 sets of 8-12 each.

*your warm up shouldn’t feel ike a workout.


The Definition of a Warm Up:

Taking the body through the rages of motion it will encounter in its training. 

The Goal of a Warm-Up

  •     Avoid injury
  •     Have optimized performance
  •     Reach best range and optimize form 
  •     Get ‘game’ ready 
  •     Warm up the body to get to optimal performance


What you should think of in your warm-ups: 

  •   Get into the correct position on every exercise or drill.
  • Have proper form and alignment and range of motion
  •  Activate muscles you will to use in your training.
  •  Use controlled and non loaded range of motion that you will see in your training.