Sadly most people hurt themselves, or suffer over-use/ imbalance based pain, injury and stiffness and then they just stop moving all together, which hurts them even more.

Soon enough they are stuck in an on-going injury and pain cycle.

Quality of life is now worse and you are limited in the things you want and love to do.

Injuries keep individuals from living active and healthy lifestyles, and they can shorten or end an athlete’s career. But the majority of injury, pain and stiffness can be eliminated with the right program design.


To TRANSFORM, whether it be to run faster or to run pain free, to kick hard or to kick pain free, to just LIVE or to LOOK your very best, then you cannot fight through pain, or imbalance, or instability.

You must address your pain, stiffness, limited range of motion, instability, and muscle imbalances if you want to have longevity and see the best outcome in your training/favorite activities

The problem is, (unless they have access to someone like Dasha one-on-one ) most people don’t have a program that helps identify and rehab their pain while helping them train and get stronger. Dasha has proven with countless clients and case studies that you can absolutely build muscle, burn fat and get super fit as you rehab your injuries.

In fact, this platform is the only platform out there that does just that.