For those who want to break past every barrier, learn to train, look, function and feel EXACTLY the way you want!

YOU & DASHA. One-On-One

Custom Program Design & Training with Dasha
This program is ideal for:

Dasha expects you to follow the program she designs. If you do so, results will be a given. By the end of this process you will learn how to design your own workouts for your distinct goals.


6 or 12 month personalized training program and goal design. Dasha typically sends your program monthly, after an update of a call/ email and progress report from you.

A nutrition guideline outline is sent along with your program

24/7 access to Dasha via phone so she can review and make adjustments accordingly and make sure we are on the right track

Links to all moves, Skype to discuss form and custom video provided

All programs come with a 1-2-3-4 part goal focus that is covered in each phase. Just one example:

* getting pain free and strong *
* weight-loss *
* strength and performance *
* maintenance and sustainability*

limited spots available

Are You Ready To get Started?

Dasha offers 6 month and 12 month custom, one-on-one program design.

Each month a new program perscription is customized and sent over to you,
along with detailed explination, instruction and a how-to video.


6 months $1,200
12 months $2,000

12 month w/ custom nutrition w/ on call coaching $2,500
Custom nutrition w/ 6 month nurturing & on call coaching $1,000

Dasha has very limited avaialbility for weekly virtual /in person sessions, to inqure email

*serious; ready to COMMIT & TRANSFORM candidates only

PLEASE apply below, but also email

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