Back Pain Protocol

Back Pain Protocol

Feel free to incorporate these 1-3x a week as needed / when needed.
You can work these into any workout routine as a pre-workout or activity warm up/ or on alternating days between your workout.
Of course when in pain you should see your doctor and get a good diagnosis and this in no way is used to substitute for medical advise, however many people experience backspin due to overuse and weekeness/ tightness (a simultaneous action of both).
because the body acts as a kinetic chain (meaning everything is connected), you shoulde embark on a strengthening and mobility routine in the glutes, back and core in order to mobilize and strengthen, getting you fortified and out of pain.

Feel free to email me personally after 8 weeks of doing this as a bonus and let me know how you feel – generally your core, truck and glutes should get stronger, more fortified and your back more mobile.

Your Back Pain Program

Back Warm Ups/ Mobility
· do daily if you want, when you feel pain coming on, when you feel tight/ immobile
· try 10/15 a side

Hamstring Warm Up/ Mobility w/ Core Strength
· (we often have tight. weak hamstrings with limited mobility and they contribute to back pain)
· Alternate legs 20 total – daily if you want

Deadbug – key core strength
· 1-3x a week
· 20-30 sec holds to start, 2 sets
· work up to 60 secs, then move to more advance options below

Advanced Iso Holds, after back/ core gets stronger

Thoracic Press
· try 2 sets of 8-10, 2 x a week – great strength and mobility
· do on its own, beginning of workout light, or after the above
· key for anyone spending time bent over clients/ the computer in a singular posture

Hip Thrust
· inactive glutes are a huge reason for back pain – the glutes are often so sedentary from sitting they become inactive- causing back pain
· use bands of no bands for these- ideally both
· start with 1 set of 20 before activity of any kind, when you feel back or knee pain
· work to 3 sets of 15 with band