Belly Fat Facts

Fact is fact, so called ‘cardio’ workouts will not be enough to burn belly fat. Strength training increases muscle mass, and because muscle needs more energy to live, you will in turn burn more fat (belly fat included).
This is not myth or fiction, this is fact.

This is also the exact reason that there are so called ‘skinny’ people with belly fat. Hence the fact that ‘skinny’ is not always the same as ‘fit’. You must incorporate strength training into your routine to get the strong core, and flat abs you want.

Another great way to burn belly fat is to include several high intensity interval training sessions a week into your training regiment (the Programs above; KB Scorcher, 7DL and KB Body all do this for you). By using the kettlebell and it’s unique motions like the swing, as well as more standard strength motions like a squat, various crawls, push ups and pull ups! Yep, those exercises I just named are some of the very best at fighting belly fat. Plus, these motions will undoubtably strengthen your core and make you a better athlete in your sport, and your life.

A squat can be just as efficient in burning belly fat as all those crunches! How? Squats are so efficient that besides working the legs they are one of the top exercises for firming the abdominals and burning belly fat.

Your core muscles go far beyond your abs. There are actually too many ‘core’ muscles to name here (there are over thirty). However what you should know is that if you work to strengthen your core and you will find a harmony between the pelvis, lower back, hips and your abdomen. You will firm the muscles in your back, obliques, pelvis, abdomen, and even the butt. Your core helps stabilize the spine. It also transfers force between the lower and upper part of the body, helping you have a powerful punch, an awesome tennis serve or a great jump shot. If your core is weak you can suffer from back pain and instability. Athletes with a weak core will see poor athletic performance and are more susceptible to injury.

Think about it this way- your core is involved in every single movement your body does. In your workouts and in your life. Therefore its important for you to train it correctly and in its entirety (not just the muscles you want to see in the mirror).

Kettlebells are particularly good at sculpting a slim waistline because the odd shape causes the weight to be distributed unevenly. Your core muscles are continuously engaged throughout every motion to control the bell’s shifting center of gravity. In fact, a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise found that eight weeks of training with kettlebells increased study participants’ core strength by 70 percent.

Weight-training appropriately and meaningfully (meaning HEAVY and challenging weight) is key in fighting belly fat and building a strong, lean body.

As we mentioned above, to fight belly fat you must lift weights! You must also watch your diet and eat clean most of the time (I like a 70/30 percent).
Of course belly fat comes on due to a great variety of reasons. Your lack of activity, poor diet choices (including over eating and/ or poor quality foods and bad pairing) can be a culprit. Stress is another huge factor that many people overlook when it comes to figuring out your mid-section:

When you breathe incorrectly during exercise, or when you stress or get lack of sleep your adrenal glands release the stress hormone cortisol. That response, which is meant to give you a burst of energy for fighting or fleeing, causes you to accumulate and store fat specifically in your belly. Additionally, cortisol production can remain at high levels due to sustained stress, and leave you craving high-sugar or high-carb foods.

• Breathing correctly during exercise is crucial to controlling the production of this hormone during exercise! Look over Chapter 2 in this book to make sure you are breathing correctly.
• Stress! Cortisol is a stress hormone, so working out, breathing correctly during your workouts and sleeping well are all factors that can help you control this.

Produced by your fat cells, leptin plays a role in appetite control. It can also slow your metabolism! How? Research has found that excess body fat can cause a condition known as leptin resistance, which means your brain isn’t affected by leptin even though your body contains higher levels of it.
• Exercise regularly and safely
• Eat clean
• Include strength training in your workout regiment

Every time you down a carb dominant meal or drink a sugary drink your blood sugar spikes up. In response, your body releases insulin, whose job it is to pull extra glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream. Gaining weight can often lead to insulin resistance, a condition in which cells become less responsive to the hormone, and to diabetes.
• Eat well and pair your foods correctly
• Avoid sugary meals in the am, or mid-day sugar packed snacks
• Exercise or get up and move instead of drinking a coke to get a boost of energy in
your day

Muscle burns more calories than fat! So build muscle and BURN belly fat.

SO- WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? click on Programs or KB Workouts and pick one, then stick to t for the next 30 days (3-4x a week at least, lifting challenging and progressive weight). I promise you WILL see a big difference!