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Customized Fitness Assessment HERE.

If you prefer to skip the assessment and pick your starting program, you can do that as well.

*Remember, eventually you will progress and you already have access to all of these programs,
and more at no extra cost.

After your assessment you will be given a video session with Dasha and also advised on the best program for your goals.

*Don’t worry, if you do not like the program you will have every opportunity to swap your program for one of our many others.


Expert CUSTOM PROGRAMMING, SUPPORT, EDUCATION, REHAB, CHALLENGES, NUTRITION for a fraction of the price of a personal trainer or program design.


If you’re wondering about the price of KBBody, it will cost you 1.50 a day! You will have access to a custom program, custom program progression and everything detailed below for just 47.00 a month or 497.00 annually.

What do you get inside KBBody? Besides a personalized plan, designed by one of the leading experts in the Exercise Science world to guide and train you, you get the following.

Your recommended program will be under the main tab displayed.

Plus you will have access to all of the added KBBody features:

Your recommended program will be under the main tab displayed.

Plus you have access to all of the added KBBody features.

In addition to that you will also see a variety of other features:
  • 11 Custom Programs (Workouts, Nutrition for you Goal/Fitness Level)
  • Assessment to help you identify your idea starting point
  • Custom progression to your next program
  • Mobility & Recovery Workout Section
  • Short Bonus Workout Section: workouts 5-20 minutes long
  • Rehab / Prehab Section: back, knee, shoulder, elbow, neck pain
  • Challenges to add to your program: 1st Pull Up, Glutes, Core, Push Ups
  • Nutrition Section
  • Exercise Library (over 200 “How To & EDU Videos)
  • Beginner & Edu Section: Build skill, Build a body for life
  • Live CLass Section: Exclusive invites to train LIVE virtually with Dasha
  • Post-Partum Program
  • Strength Program
  • Fat-Loss Programs
  • Health & Wellness Education Area where your biggest workout / fitness / health questions are answered with facts and Science.

You’ll have access to every program and more-
Take your Assessment HERE to see which program Dasha recommends you start with.

Strength Series Program

Best for Men and Women looking to take their strength training to the next level.

7 Day Lean Program

Best for those wanting to use body weight only – no weights or gym equipment required.

Meltdown Series Program

Best for individuals looking to combine Fat Burning and Muscle Sculpting.

Scorcher Series Program

Best for anyone wanting to combine HIIT Training, Kettlebells & Martial Arts.

The KBBody Program

Best for individuals looking for a Complete Body Breakdown Program 8-16 weeks..