Most people focus on weight-loss, when in fact if you really want to look and feel your best, you never want to lose weight.

Instead you MUST lose FAT and build lean strong muscle.

Muscle is more metabolically active and more vascular than fat.

In fact, muscle uses 5-6x more energy than fat per pound and it takes up to 80% less volume!


When you train for weight-loss, you typically lose more muscle than you do fat and get exhausted results such as maintaining a ton of fat in your abdominal region or only achieving a “skinny fat” type look.

You also have a slower rate of healing, less energy, agility and strength.

FACT IS, when you train for weight-loss at least (and often much more) 33% of the weight lost is from lean, health muscle!

Which means you will never lose fat training this way, and if you lose some it will be unsustainable and crippling.

Poor fitness and strength levels result not only to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, fatigue, poor mood, anxiety and depression, joint pain and inflammation, immune system suppression, decreased cognitive (brain) function, digestive impairments, neuromuscular weakness, cellular degeneration, and accelerated aging.

One of the key ways to prevent this is to develop metabolically strong, active muscle.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start an exercise and fitness routine for the first time, or an individual frustrated with the months and years you’ve invested into your ineffectual training regime you no longer have to let genetic limitations hinder you from achieving maximal results.