Custom Nutrition Programming


A Sustainable Success Program For Your Life, Your Goals & Your Health.

Introducing Custom 12 Month Nutrition
Programming w/ Dasha

Is Nutrition Your Missing Link?

If you have been on a ‘cleanse, diet or have simply agonized about your food – be it for weight loss, muscle building, overall health, or something more specific like lowering cholesterol or optimizing your energy, mood, and/ performance –  nutrition just may very well be your missing link.

Diets Don’t Work for Two Reasons:

1. They are not sustainable (a restrictive eating plan is not a life plan) 
2. The quality of the food you take in (nutrient density) determines the quality of your tissue (muscle, bone, organs, the function of the brain), as well as how your body recovers and rebuilds.

The only way to get to the exact place you want in your goals, be they aesthetic or otherwise is to rebuild your habits, learn about your body’s personal needs, identify how it functions best and then, place that, along with high quality, satisfying nutrients, and optimized food pairing into the body.

Dasha believes in custom nutrition because, simply- we all look, feel, and function differently. We respond to stimuli differently, and our body makes its adaptations based on our unique lifestyles, habits, and regiments. 

Custom nutrition programming with Dasha is outlined below, and like everything else, it’s a journey of transformation and education – an investment in yourself.  To find out if this program is right for you/ or to register- email

Details on 12 Month Custom Nutrition Programming

Dasha’s programming prioritizes your unique goals with, health, longevity, wellness, strength, and sustainability.

What it takes: 12 months of casework; you and Dasha (don’t panic, you’ll learn a TON about your body and yourself).

Plus Dasha will layout every step into easy monthly plans and adjustments. 

Dasha’s 3 Phase Custom Plan


A custom plan requires investigation:  after an initial 14-day food log and goal discussion, Dasha will present an outline of the first several months.
During that period, you will begin to make adjustments in your nutrition in a way that will not send you into a spiral or starvation. 

You will log feedback on how you feel and function, and Dasha will examine your results with your feedback, further adjusting. 

Adjustments are made monthly, and education on food substance, grocery lists, ideal pairings for optimized digestion, easy substitutions, and nutrient-dense varieties are all a part of Phase 1.  

By the end of this phase, you will have gotten rid of poor habits, began to eat real good food, and learned how to pair and substitute for optimal health, digestion and body composition. 


Your energy levels, moods, and overall health are always the main focal point, however, body composition like muscle or weight-loss will be a big and very satisfying bi-product, and we will focus here in Phase 2. 

In Phase 2 Dasha will make the adjustments to make sure you reach your initial and most ideal goals seamlessly, in a healthy and satisfying way.


Is all about making a lifestyle you can live with, all while keeping heh results you have achieved in Phase 2 & 3.  The goal is to take 12 months, refine, adjust, identify, re-adjust, and transform your body, making your results and new habits a sustainable lifestyle. Yes! you can still have your favorite cake and enjoy life with family and friends at the dinner table while we get you to your optimal body composition, and your strongest, healthiest self. 

Important note: Note Dasha does not believe in food group elimination (unless doctor prescribed), quick fixes, diets of any sort (no matter how ‘great’) elimination. She will also do her best to work around any ‘musts’ you have, making this a lifetime change and not a diet. Imagine yourself one year from today.


Much like Dasha’s custom exercise programming, this is not one-sided work. 

Be ready to get candid, and honest and to put in detective work to identify where your body lives its best life. 

* you will need to get Dasha feedback, ask questions, present food logs (not daily so do not worry- think 7-10 days out of each month), as well as give real and honest feedback.

About Dasha L Anderson, MS, NASM-PES, KBIA-M

Dasha Anderson, new mom, wife, business owner and health and wellness educator. Dasha has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, with a specialty in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention.

She has two decades in the profession of personal and pro athlete training, program design, group fitness education, and expert contribution.

Fourteen specialty certifications in a variety of areas in fitness, most notably the art and education of kettlebell science, injury pre-hab, and performance optimization. In addition to her fitness background, Dasha has an extensive background in exercise nutrition and body composition/ goal programming.

Dasha has two decades in martial arts with instructorship and black and brown belts in a variety of arts including Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts/ Kali, Muay Thai, and Brazilian JiuJitsu.

founder/ co-founder:
Kettlebell Kickboxing | | Andersons Martial Arts |
University of Martial Arts |
KBIA & KBI Instructor, Certified Trainer Certifications